Importance of Proper Installation and Maintenance of Your Garage Door

Importance of Proper Installation and Maintenance of Your Garage Door

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A fully functional garage door that has been providing smooth service over time is often ignored. It is only when problems occur that due notice is given to the door, which actually requires proper garage door maintenance. Of course, of high importance is that the door is properly installed, either by you and an assistant or by the garage door company where you bought your door.  

Importance of Proper InstallationGarage doors have numerous parts that move mechanically. Their movement should be precise for the door to operate smoothly. Likewise the frame or base where the door is installed should be strong, steady and aligned as well, or else the equipment will not deliver its best performance over time.

Proper measurements for correct installation

It is of utmost importance that the door is installed properly. It should be balanced to ensure that the movement of the door panel along the garage door tracks is smooth and continuous. It starts with the right measurements that conform roughly to the height and width of the door. There should be ample sideroom allowance on both sides for the vertical track for the standard extension springs, standard torsion springs or spring and extension spring systems. You should be measuring and making allowance for the headroom or jamb header as well as a backroom, especially if you are installing an opener that operates the door automatically.

Regular maintenance

The door has several garage door parts that require regular maintenance to ensure that it give you good service for a long time. Maintaining it regularly can prevent property damage and injuries. Regularly inspect the hardware as well as the moving parts, such as rollers, cables and garage door springs. Have the damage repaired and broken parts replaced before you use the door. Lubricate all moving parts and pay particular attention to the hinge and rollers, the locking latches and even the lock mechanism. However, use the lubricant sparingly to avoid gumming up. Refer to the owner’s manual for maintenance guide.

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